• Additional no-charged services

- Vehicle delivery at Hotels, Hosteries, Airport.
- Special ice and snow tires provided in winter.
- Skies carrier and luggage carrier.
- Region maps.
- Baby special seat.
- A wide collection of musical compact discs is provided to you when renting a car for more than 5 days.
- First Aid kit.
- Free pass through Chilean border.
- Tourists advice.
- Discounts on Restaurants, Hotels, Hosteries.

• Additional charged services

- Driver service (please consult for the cost).
- Delivery and/or restitution of the vehicle in any Patagonian city in Argentina (please consult for the cost of the Drop Off Service).

• Feel free to ask us about gasoline prices.





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Esquel, Chubut. Patagonia Argentina.
Tel: (02945) 456008
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